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5 Cyber Security Certifications You Need To Get Ahead

Posted by Dylan Rivera on Wed, May 01, 2019 @ 12:39 PM
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5 CyberSecurity Certifications you need to get ahead

With the recent spate of cyber attacks, Cyber Security professionals are in more demand than ever. Businesses are flooding the gates, looking for qualified info-sec professionals to safeguard their IT systems from attacks. There are plenty of jobs waiting for well-qualified candidates.

Chances are you're like most cybersecurity professionals- you're not looking for just any job. What you're seeking for are the best challenges at that best companies. And in order to get those jobs, you're going to need to hone your skills.

 We’ve compiled a list of the top certifications to pursue if you're looking to expand your market value and/or expertise:

5 Certifications every Cyber Security Professional Should Consider

1. CompTIA Security

This entry-level certification is the essential stepping stone into your IT security career. It is globally recognized as a validation of superior technical skills, such as Cryptography, Identity Management, Security Risk Identification, etc. To qualify, you must have 6-12 months of relevant experience.

COST: $311.00 USD.

Positions and the average salaries that correspond with the CompTIA Security+:

  • Systems Administrator ($43,000-$86,000)
  • Network Engineer ($46,000-$95,000)
  • Information Security Analyst ($49,000-$96,000)
  • Network Administrator ($39,000-$77,000)
  • IT Manager ($44,000-$110,000)

2. GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)

This entry-level information security certification is for professionals who want proof that they're ready for a hands-on job in systems security administration. This exam covers a wide range of subjects to further help you understand and recognize security principles.

COST: $1000.00 USD,

Note: This certification requires no prior experience, but you’ll have to retake the test every four years.

Positions and average salaries that corresponds with the GSEC certification:

  • Information Security Analyst ($46,000-$121,000)
  • Security Engineer ($100,0000-$110,000)
  • Network Security Engineer ($80,000-$85,000)
  • Senior Security Consultant ($100,000-$135,000)
  • Network Security Analyst ($50,000-$55,000)

3. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

This intermediate-level certification trains and educates you to understand and look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in information systems. This credential will equip you with the knowledge of numerous hacking practices (Trojans, Viruses) and how to properly defend yourself against them.

COST: $500.00 USD

Note: This cert requires 2 years of relevant experience to be qualified.

Positions and average salaries that corresponds with the CEH accreditation:

  • Information Security Analyst ($53,000-$107,000)
  • Security Engineer ($61,000-$120,000)
  • Penetration Tester ($50,000-$130,000)
  • Security Analyst ($51,000-$115,000)
  • Information Security Engineer ($72,000-$135,000)

4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

This advanced-level certification goes beyond the basic technical skills and covers the integration of security methodologies. The CISSP is the gold standard when it comes to certifications by preparing you with the right tools to develop, guide, and manage security principals.

COST: $600.00 USD

Note: This certification is a highly recognized standard among the industry; however, you must have a minimum of 5 years of experience to qualify for the exam.

Positions and average salaries that corresponds with the CISSP credential:

  • Information Security Analyst ($60,000-$117,000)
  • Information Security Manager ($81,000-$142,000)
  • Chief Information Security Officer ($104,000-$203,000)
  • Security Engineer ($69,000-$127,000)
  • Security Architect ($90,000-$152,000)

5.Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

This top-level certification will showcase your security management expertise. Further, advance your security risk management and program development skills with this unique management-focused credential. Globally recognized to demonstrate your understanding of an information security program and its relationship with the long and short term business goals.

COST: $500-$700.00 USD

Note: You must have a minimum of 5 years working experience.

Positions and average salaries that corresponds with the CISM accreditation:

  • Information Security Manager ($82,000-$150,000)
  • Chief Information Security Officer ($116,000-$214,000)
  • Information Security Officer ($66,000-$147,000)
  • Security Architect, IT ($84,000-$172,000)
  • Information Security Analyst ($55,000- $122,000)

Though the majority of employers might not list specific cybersecurity certifications as a job requirement, having certifications in place will help you stand out and increase your appeal for top-drawer jobs, as well as increase your salary potential.

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