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Benefits Of The 'Try and Buy' Hiring

Posted by Daniel Sullivan on Fri, Aug 30, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Benefits Of The 'Try and Buy' Hiring

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For many years, J. Patrick & Associates has proven itself time and time again by reliably producing the candidates for the hiring company in need.  Providing full-time, grade-A employees is what J. Patrick & Associates is known for. 

Less well known, however, is the fact that J. Patrick & Associates can also provide hiring firms with “try and buy” temporary employees.  This is one service that J. Patrick & Associates is looking to emphasize in its everyday playbook. 

What is a “try and buy” temp?  Well, it’s a cost-effective way to find the right candidate for your firm.  How many times have you interviewed someone and they seem like the perfect candidate both on paper and during the interview?  But when it comes time to work and production, they’re just not what you expected.

When you hire a temporary worker to fill an open position, not only are you paying less, but you also get to “try out” the candidate before making a hiring decision.  Hiring a temp worker is much different than hiring someone for the long run.  Instead of signing a contract that offers a salary and employment benefits, the hiring firm pays only for the temp’s labor.  Temp workers usually get paid by the hour.

To meet our clients’ growing temporary staff needs, J. Patrick & Associates has partnered with the Top Echelon Temp Agency.  This relationship enables J. Patrick & Associates access to the best temps on the market.  These professionals are typically offered full-time positions after the temp period is over.

If I were a business owner looking down at this sector of business from 30,000 feet, I would consider hiring a temp to be a very cost-effective choice.  Key c-level positions notwithstanding, placing a temporary hire may be a perfect way to try, and hopefully buy, the right candidate for an open position.

 By Jake Pinto