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How To Properly Care For Yourself When Looking for Work

Posted by Daniel Sullivan on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 10:00 AM


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If you have lost your job or you are just entering the workforce, you could be in for a long journey of job-hunting as you search for that perfect job. During this process, it is important that you take the necessary steps to manage your life and take care of yourself so you always look and feel your best when you do land an interview.


1. Be prepared for the long haul.

In today’s world you aren’t going to land a job in a week unless you are very, very lucky. In fact, you could be in for a long search for your next place of employment. While few studies have been done, some experts believe it can take approximately one month of job-hunting for every $10,000 of your expected salary. This time-frame can be changed, however, by many different factors including your location, the economy and much more. However, when job hunting, mentally prepare yourself for the extra time so you don’t get discouraged in your job hunt.


2. Be your own manager.

Just like if you were at work, you need a manager to be sure you stay on track. In this case, you will be your own manager for your job of finding a job. Set realistic goals for yourself and stick to them. For example, decide how many resumes you want to send each day and be sure you send exactly that many before you quit for the day.


3. Keep to a schedule.

It can be easy to let yourself slide while you are out of work. However, this can be dangerous to both your mental well-being as well as your job search efficiency. When you begin your job search, set a schedule of when you will be doing the work of applying for jobs. Consider this your work schedule and be sure you stick to it. This will help keep you on a regular schedule, which will increase your overall happiness and satisfaction and help you be more productive.


4. Exercise regularly.

Exercise has been shown to help increase not only your physical health but your mental health as well. You will be sharper and you will have more energy so you can get more done and craft the perfect resumes and cover letters to send to prospective employers.


5. Set aside time for family.

Just because you are job hunting doesn’t mean you don’t have time for your family. Your friends and family can provide you the support you need while you work and can help lift you up and recharge your batteries while you continue the often difficult task of finding a job.


6. Groom yourself as if you had an interview today.

Now is not the time to become a hermit. While you might not have somewhere to go everyday, you still should take the time to properly groom yourself each day. Treat each day like an interview day and try to look your best. This will help increase your confidence and happiness, as you feel good about yourself while you look for work.


7. Don’t let the negative feelings takeover.

When looking for work, you will often be rejected over and over again. This long string of rejection can often leave you feeling stressed and discouraged. These types of negative feelings must be ignored as you continue on your job search. Remaining positive is key to good overall health and will help you motivate yourself to find the perfect job.


8. Invest in yourself.

Just because you are out of work doesn’t mean life has to stop. In fact it is a good opportunity for you to invest in yourself. You will undoubtedly have a little extra time on your hands while you are out of work making it the perfect time to do a few things for yourself. This doesn’t mean pamper yourself with frivolous luxuries you probably can’t afford. Instead try taking a class or learning a new skill. This will keep your mind active and help you further develop your set of skills while also improving your mental health at the same time. It could even make you a more attractive prospect to a potential employer.

Looking for a new job can be a daunting task especially if you are currently out of work. Remember, don’t give up even if you have been rejected. Stay positive and follow these steps to take care of yourself so you have the confidence you need to tackle your next interview with relative ease.

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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