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What it Takes to be Successful in SaaS: Soft Skills

Posted by Dylan Rivera on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 @ 11:00 AM
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 what it take to be successful in SaaS soft skills


“Hard skills will get you an interview but soft skills will get- and keep- the job.”

SaaS is a technologically driven field where success is driven by your hard skill sets, however, you also need to develop some very important soft skills if you want to enjoy long term success in this space.

Here are some common soft skills to help build your success in the SaaS industry:



Software as a Service continues to be a model for technology to drive and deliver innovation to businesses worldwide. If you plan on working in this industry, you’ll need to be able to adjust to your surroundings and make use of the resources at hand. It's important to be familiar with multiple web frames (Python. Ruby on Rails), or have experience with different user interfaces (JQuery or YUI). The ability to learn a new system, adjust to new features and controls, and utilize it to its fullest capabilities is an invaluable skill that has endless applications. In an ever-changing market, having knowledge of numerous server and client-side technologies positions you to be better prepared for whatever new systems come down the pike in the future.  



Nothing feels better than going through your files and grabbing a document in the exact folder where you left it. Computer files are similar to a teenagers bedroom, in the sense that things can get out of hand and quickly disorganized; it just happens and we don't realize until the damage is already done. Being able to track and locate all files and documents is vital within the SaaS space. To stay organized, try to limit the number of folders by consolidating documents and deleting unnecessary files. Though it's elementary, proper labeling and archiving goes a long way and will make you more efficient.


Situational Awareness

Constantly working around different computer systems requires you to be aware of your surroundings and all elements (hardware, software) contributing to the work process. In SaaS, you'll need to be able to break down a situation, understand the who’s, what’s, and why’s. Don't be afraid to get a little paranoid or OCD here. Checking, rechecking and checking again keeps the process running smoothly.

By analyzing an environment, you'll be able to point out weak areas that are in need of security or surveillance. By being attentive and focused, you can analyze your customer's needs and discover where they are in the buyer's journey and how to help move them along the process. Overall, being mindful towards your work or environment will lead to positive decision making.



As we continue to make the necessary adjustments to new systems and software, we need to remember to communicate with associates and customers on the recent changes. Instruct how to make the proper alterations in a clear and professional manner. Restate key statements while pausing to ask for any clarification. When you communicate via email, use clear and concise subject lines while being informative and straightforward.

Through communication, present and future complications may be resolved while new skills can be learned. Just keep in mind that everybody perceives information at a different rate. Be prepared to cater to your audience.


Relationship Building

Collaboration is key in SaaS. Growing and building your network enables you to learn new tricks and solutions around what can often be problematic tech. If you need feedback on a new system or want an experienced opinion in a program you created; your opportunities are endless with a large network pooled around the same sector. Also if you're working in sales, building relationships with customers are crucial; it helps grow trust for the product and company, while also increasing the potential for referral traffic. 

Though hard and technical skills are crucial for your career success, your soft skills will make you shine above your competition.


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