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5 key Strategies to Land Your Dream Job

Posted by Joseph Barrera on Tue, Oct 22, 2019 @ 03:16 PM

5 Key Strategies to land Your Dream Job

So you want to land your dream job...

You know, the job that makes you jump out of bed without your alarm, excited to start your day. The job that keeps you engaged and full of energy while at work. The job that you are proud to tell your friends and family about. The job that you have been dreaming about for years and years (maybe since you were a child).

After all, you deserve it. 

You’ve put the time into your education through schooling or certifications. You’ve put in the work as well, spending countless hours improving your skills and mastering your craft. 

But what do you do next?

Here are 5 key strategies you can take right away, to land your dream job.

1. Use Social Media to Find your next job

    • If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you are not serious about finding a job: Not only has LinkedIn become the go-to network for job searching, but it also has become the perfect platform for hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals to find qualified candidates.
    • Make sure all social profiles are up to date and optimized for keywords: This includes adding relevant certifications by name, software, tools you’re proficient in, and industry-specific projects that stick out on your resume in detail 
    • Join Groups and job boards related to your industry on Facebook and LinkedIn: This will allow you to further build your network and see new job opportunities as they are made available
    • Message hiring managers directly - This shows hiring managers that you are ambitious and willing to take initiative, and will really help you stand out amongst other possible candidates.

2. Create a clean resume and apply to open positions in your area

    • Your resume (like your LinkedIN profile) should be optimized for keywords and up to date: This increases the chances of your resume being found in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.;) and also shows that you are an authority in the industry in which you are applying
    • Take the time to create cover letters when applying to jobs: Do preliminary research on the company where you are applying. Write a cover letter specific to the company, and the position you are applying for. Explain how your skillset and experiences are relevant to the company’s needs. 

3. Allow a recruiter to search for you

    • Hiring managers are very busy and get bombarded with resumes: An experienced recruiter has spent years building relationships and earning the trust of hiring managers. They will make sure to put your resume directly in front of the decision-maker.
    • Recruiters who work in specific industries have unique insight: Your Recruiter will know which companies are good to work for and what those companies look for in an ideal applicant. They will also know which companies have an immediate need.
    • Recruiters are only successful when you are happy: Recruiters have an incentive to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new job (most have guarantee periods after a placement is made). A professional recruiter will only find you opportunities completely in-line with your goals.

4. Be Diligent but be patient

    • Take Steps every day towards finding your dream job: Finding a new job can be frustrating, but it is a necessary burden. Stay active on social media, and remain in contact with your recruiter to ensure progress.
    • Iron out all of your weaknesses: If you see a position that you really want but you are under-qualified for, ask yourself why? If you are lacking a certain certification, for example, take steps towards acquiring it. The more you are improving your skillset, the greater chance you have of landing your dream job. 

5. Be Patient

    • Finding your dream job takes time: Don’t spam hiring managers or recruiters. Just focus on these best practices and your dream opportunity will come


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