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Best Places To Look For A Job

Posted by Daniel Sullivan on Thu, Jun 20, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Best Place To Look For a Job

Unlike the traditional job search methods that involved a newspaper and a brief case full of resumes, in this day and age there are many initial outlets to search for a job without leaving the comfort of your own couch.  However, managing your job search leveraging these outlets is a task in and of itself; they can get cluttered and complicated, and it may be hard to sift through and find exactly what you’re looking for.  I have narrowed the laundry list of job search methods down to four:

Recruiting Firm

Leveraging a recruiting firm is a great way to land the job you’ve always wanted.  All candidates need to do is give the recruiting firm a current resume, and let the experts do the work.  Recruiters are highly experienced in the fields they recruit for, and their sole purpose is to place their candidates in the right positions.  They are dedicated professionals that do great work.


Linkedin is a great tool to help someone find a job.  Referred to by some as the facebook for grown-ups, LinkedIn is a professional networking site that enables the end-user to create a profile that lists his or her professional experience, education, skills, and more.  Utilized by the majority of innovative organizations for the purposes of recruiting candidate as well as marketing innovative organizations for the purposes of recruiting candidates as well as marketing, LinkedIn is a great place to find a job.  The site even goes as far as to pick up on specific keywords in your profile and recommend specific jobs that may be interesting to you.

Job Websites

Websites such as monster.com, dice.com, and careerbuilder.com provide people searching for employment with a wide variety of different job opportunities.  These sites are confidential, and the end-user can submit everything to the hiring organization online. Typically candidates immediately obtain a confirmation of receipt from the hiring organizations they apply to, and receive an update on the status of their documentation in approximately one or two days.


Many job seekers consider Craiglist.com to be underrated.  The site has gotten a bad rap as a scary place full of scam artists and strangers.  What many don’t realize is that Craigslist is chalk-full of professional opportunities and job listings.  The site also features new postings every day and provides a great resource for finding local work.  People sometimes view Craigslist as a scary place with a lot of scam artists and strangers.  I’m not going to lie, there are definitely mischievous people on craigslist but then again there’s a whole job market available too.  Craigslist provides a great way to find local work, basically in your backyard.  Another plus of using craigslist is that there are new postings every day, if you don’t see one today check back tomorrow and you may be pleasantly surprised.

All a job searches take a little time, and a little luck.  The opportunity of your dreams may have just opened up, and it’s your job to go out and find it!

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